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Welcome to 60k House

60k House has been created to show the process of designing and building a modest one-bedroom home in Tasmania, Australia. As the name suggests I am trying to design and build a comfortable home for close to $60,000 AUD. This is the construction budget for the building itself and does not include fees for consultants and approvals, or services such as the driveway, power connection, septic system or water tanks, etc. (I’ll discuss budgets in more detail in a later post). I don’t know if it’s possible to build a house for this amount but will give it a go and share the results along the way. 60k House will discuss decisions relating to the design and the selection of materials and services, from inception through to construction. I will be open and honest when discussing all aspects of the project, including the budget. I want 60k House to be accessible so I won’t use ‘archiwank’ (architectural jargon), instead only simple, easy-to-understand language.

Why publish a blog?

There are a few reasons why I have chosen to create 60k House:

1. To keep friends who are interested in the project informed

2. To educate people about the design and approvals process

3. To demonstrate that good design need not cost the earth


It’s hard enough to keep track of a project even if you live nearby, let alone on the other side of the world.  With friends both near and far this seems the easiest way to let them all know what’s happening. 60k House will allow anyone who is interested, wherever you may be, to follow the progress.


Having shared some previous projects via social media (Facebook) and chatting with friends it became apparent that few people understand the process of designing and building. I hope 60k House will clearly explain the activity of design, the numerous approvals and consultants required, and the action of building.


I also want to show that ‘good’ design – comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly – does not need to be expensive, either in terms of money or resources.

A brief explanation of the categories:

  • About – background information about the project, the site, the client and the finance
  • Design – will show the development of the design and also discuss the various approvals required and consultants engaged
  • Construction – consist of plenty of photos as the house comes out of the ground and goes up, with descriptions explaining the construction methods
  • Books – a selection of easy-to-read books that have provided inspiration
  • Gallery – here you will find a collection of all the photos posted on the blog


This is my first experience writing a blog so please excuse any teething problems. I aim to post at least a couple of entries each week to show how the design developed and how the construction is proceeding. Both the design and construction will be revealed as the project progresses. There will also be guest contributors discussing various topics. Please contact us if you have any feedback or comments, or would like to share any relevant topics. Check in regularly for updates and enjoy watching 60K House evolve.






  1. Good on you Andrew, when you finish this, I need an architect to design a 2 bedroom inexpensive home: – sustainable water storage & solar energy; using the natural elements to overcome our changeable weather conditions; l love the idea of multipurpose areas that can adapt to our weather; using local artisans; surplus building materials. “A good home is collected, curated over time, with things we love.” Enjoy the journey.

    1. Andrew Kerr

      Thanks for your comment Linda – I’m glad you enjoy the blog. If you or any other reader needs to get in touch my contact details can be found on the AKA page – click on the logo up the top left on any page. Cheers!

  2. Hi Andrew!
    I’m Mariana and I’m helping Action Property Inspections – a property and pest inspection company based in Melbourne, to build up their reputation as property inspection specialists, within and around their industry.
    I’ve been reading 60k House and I felt your site was a great fit, as it is relative, and you have many other great articles.
    Would you be interested in an article from us? Maybe something related to why property inspections are important, what a property inspection involves, etc? I think it could be an informative and attractive piece of content for your readers.
    If you’re interested or would like to discuss any other idea, please email me back!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  3. Andrew

    This is an excellent blog. You’ve also build a stunning house. I’ve refernced an images of footings being poured in an assignement I have for my Building Design diploma.

    1. Andrew Kerr

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. I have heard of a few students being pointed in the direction of the blog. I’m glad it can help, inform and even inspire people. Good luck with your diploma! Cheers

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