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The rise in popularity in hosting sites such as Airbnb even influenced some design decisions for 60k House. That’s one reason the place is now 93k House. I only ever wanted to design and build something modest and humble, somewhere I could escape to on weekends or leave all my stuff while I went traveling.


Good morning: sunrise over the Channel and Bruny Island from the kitchen


Then came along Airbnb. And some young architect friends Alex and Liz. They beautifully renovated a heritage barn in the centre of Hobart and have been reaping the benefits ever since. Their place is only 60 sq/m – the exact same size as my place. Sure the location helps, the budget was more considerable, and the fact the project won national architecture awards. But it opened my eyes to the possibility of my place being more than just a private weekend shack – instead something that could possibly generate some income (or at least pay for itself) while I’m not there.


Room with a view: I installed roller blinds to the bedroom but don’t often use them – why block that view in the morning?


It was a deliberate decision to build an affordable house with a small, manageable mortgage. While hosting paying guests will never be a major financial consideration, it does make traveling easier, knowing there will be some money coming in while lots is going out. Another really nice thing about the sharing economy is exactly that – sharing. It’s rewarding sharing my house and site with others who enjoy and appreciate it.


Home office: living/dining/desk


While I am away I have my mum looking after things: watering the plants, changing the sheets and towels, etc. It’s a bit of extra pocket money for her (how things have changed!) and peace of mind for me.


Airy: the open plan living area


60k House is listed on Airbnb as ‘Flowerpot Apple Crate Shack’. You too can come and stay! During the past few weeks 60k House has welcomed it’s first paying guests. This is what they’ve had to say:


My partner and I loved our stay at the Apple Crate Shack. Andrew was very welcoming and informative about our stay and things to do in the nearby area. The house itself was really cosy and well looked after. Really enjoyed our stay and would highly recommend to anyone looking to stay in the area!


Beautiful home with amazing scenery. The history behind the house is very interesting and made our experience that much better. Waking up to views of the forest and walking out to the porch to see the ocean was breath taking.


Lovely spot for a weekend away. Amazing waking up looking through the trees at the ocean. Hope to be back in this amazing part of the world again soon. Would highly recommend.


Recycled: I cleaned by hand everyone of those bricks!


When I return there’s not too much more that needs to be done to finish the place off: machine the remaining weatherboards and put them up, buy a bath and sit it in place, the odd bit of flashing and a couple of cupboard doors, then some landscaping.


Ready, steady, cook: the kitchen is fully equipped and ready to go


The next post will talk about heating (there is some).


Communing with nature: this is probably my favourite design feature – the indoor/outdoor shower. Having a hot shower under the stars is magic!


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  1. Good old airbnb… alex and Liz did an awesome place on the barn as have you with your build. Enjoy the amazing people you will meet through airbnb… I’ll recommend your place to guests that stay at my friends place( that I help manage)

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